Every time out to travel before, except for my own baggage, I will also take the intelligent mobile phone to google map and find the location. Today, I would like to introduce 4 of useful application in travel.


For a long time, whenever I was spotted using Google Maps to navigate London’s public transport network a friend would look over and prod: “Oh, don’t you use Citymapper?” Eventually, I relented.666

Google Translate

When you lost in the different language country, you just import the English and it will automate translate to the other language you want.



A cooler version of Airbnb? This short-term-rental company has a pared-down list of coveted luxury apartments and homes in close to two dozen destinations, including Rio de Janeiro, Miami, and Milan. Guests can also use the app to access a 24/7 concierge to help with restaurant reservations, theater tickets, and tour bookings.


Google Map

I’ll want to go to the restaurant on the Google map of scenic spots in the star every time before going abroad so I will allow Google map to help me directly planning the route or public transportation. If it is difficult to travel a little higher, or more professional travelers, even can use custom map function to edit Google in advance draw your travel itinerary.maps_routemap.png


Useful Application in traveling

The largest beer festival in North America

Canada ‘October Kitchener Beer Festival’ – the greatest festival of similar activities in North America, which will attract about 50,0000 people to be participated each year, it is an intoxicating January type event.


my parents has honor to participate in the opening ceremony of the whole beer festival, to record the colorful festivals, and town residents are simple and sincere, cute and friendly.


The beer festival has a very interesting tradition, is to exchange small medal, who collected a small Medal of type and quantity of more and more popular.The town’s people is very sincere , everyone is so pure expression of friendliness and enthusiasm. In a foreign country, but it feel the warmth same as in the hometown.


Voice – over: “We are the spirit of music, is the most wonderful in the world you played the saxophone ”

“Cheers, friends! Let us enjoy a drink, laughing”


The blogger really want to come to here in the future.


China tourist guide(2)- Xi An

Xi’an (Chinese西安pinyinXī’ān ) is the capital of Shanxi ProvincePeople’s Republic of China. It is a sub-provincial city located in the center of the Guanzhong Plain in Northwestern China.  Information from (WIKIPEDIA)

In this blog, i will introduce the top sights to tourism in XiAn, which help my audience make a travel plan more easily.

  1.  Xi’an City Wall

Xi’an City Wall is the most complete extant ancient city wall of a building in China, it has the history for 1400 from the Tang Dynasty.


2.    Terracotta Army

In Xi’an, the most famous attraction is the Terracotta Army. It is a collection of terracottasculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The Terracotta Army Known as “the eighth wonder of the world”, is the world’s incomparable underground, very majestic. If you want to travel in Xi’an,  It is most desirable attraction to you.wKgBpVWweVSAX168AAsniU71b5k23(Picture from MAFENGWO)

3. Shaanxi History Museum

There are as many as 37,000 pieces of cultural relics collected in this museum, which are the simple stone tools used in the initial stage of ancient human life.Museum highlights the essence of the Chinese nation, is to showcase the ancient Chinese civilization and Shaanxi history and culture of the Art Palace.  If you like to enjoy the ancient history culture of China, this place will be good choice for traveler lover.

wKgBpVUjTZKAOlpAAAq7Z2Uxxf069.jpeg(Picture from MAFENGWO)

4.Tang Paradise

Tang Paradise located in the ancient Xi’an wild goose pagoda side, which is China’s first  Tang Dynasty style of large royal garden style cultural theme park.


(Picture from MAFENGWO)

China tourist guide (1) – DaLi

Dali is a most beautiful tourist attractions in China, which located in Yunnan province of  the Central West, with 2090 meters above sea level.

Dali is a country that can bring the tourist fell like in the history of ancient China, in this blog, the author will show you some of information about Dali such as how to get to Dali, Dali’s weather,Dali travel tips.wKgB6lTwOY2ASPZqAA1MzaAVrZ053.jpeg

  1. How to get to Dali?

In the Dali, there is a local airport and bus station and boat.  Nowadays, this is a tourist destination replete with every convenience in transportation and public facilities, making it accessible for visitors from home and abroad.  As the tourist can booking the flight ticket in the website such as China Southern Airline.

2. Weather

Dali has a very comfortable  weather in the any season, such as cool autumn weather, I feel comfortable, go out for picnic, for variety of outdoor activities.


(Picture Via worldweatheronline)

3. Dali Travel Tips

The customs of the ethnic minorities bring charm to daily life. Each spring, celebrations and festivals bring the city to life, which is very interesting thing for most of tourist.

Er Hai is a most beautiful viewpoint in Dali,  which is the Xierhe collapse of the formation of the plateau lakes, and it looks like ears, the air overlooking Erhai like a crescent moon, quietly lying in between Cangshan and Dali Basin.wKgB6lSoP1GAMiArAB3lLGJg43o03.jpeg

Queenstown Tourist Guide(2)- Accommodation

The booking of accommodation is important  before travelling to Queenstown, i have list some high rate of quantity and price hotel for the my blog’s audience.

  1. The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartment

According to blogger’s researching online,  the Rees Hotel & Apartments offers lakefront accommodation with private balconies and spectacular views. In the price, it has high cost performance, it will cost 425 NZD per night. The beautiful view will be a attractive points for all tourist, the beautiful view is worth to tourist to choose this hotel.

19424787(via booking.com) 

2. Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview

The Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview as one of  hotel top picks in Queenstown. Copthorne Hotel is located in Queenstown, a 10-minute walk from the resort centre. The location of this hotel as the main advantage to tourist and it is very close to the city center, which is good point for tourist. The price of this hotel also is cheaper than another hotel, it only cost 234 NZD. So it is a good choice to tourist who want to save money in the trip.

     3. Platinum Queenstown.

Platinum Queenstown offers luxury accommodation with full kitchen facilities, private balconies, satellite TV and stunning lake views. Guests enjoy 2 GB of free Wi-Fi per day. Each house has 2 bathrooms and a spacious lounge area with sofas, iPod dock, surround sound stereo system and DVD player. This hotel has the full facilities and if you want to cook by yourself it is a good choice. The price of this hotel is costing 300 NZD per night in the weak season.

These three hotel is the most cost performance for the tourist through the researching online. See you next time !



Protecting Intellectual Property- Evidence of use of suitable protection


As the business student, i am really concern how to protect the IP as well. I thought the CC license is a good way to protect the IP on social platform, Creative Commons licences make it easy for you to share your copyright works. Such us in my blog, i have make a CC licences’s icon by Creative-common, which mean the others may not share, adapt or reuse use my work for the commerce use. This CC license is based on the my requirement of IP to be created, so it is efficiency to follow the requirement of user of online platform. Although once a Creative Commons licence is applied it cannot be altered, the author can waive the existing conditions or grant additional permissions


The most important function of CC licence is that i can keeps ownership of copyright, this function is able to protect my blog’s intellectual property.


Protecting Intellectual Property-Analysis of means of IP protection

Merriam Webster says “intellectual property: property (as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect: an application, right, or registration relating to this”.

Social platform have presents a greater potential for brand misuse and abuse. As brand owners must be mindful of the issues and risks that social media presents, because once my brand is subjected to copyright issue will negatively impact the my right and brand image, such as the if i have ability to promote my brand through the post blog and twitter for attracting more fans, but the other people copy my blog but not get the permission from copyright holder, which will indirectly reduce my brand promotion and reliability. Therefore, to understand the basics of intellectual property (IP) to best protect myself hard-earned creations and ideas from unfair competition.

On the other hand, the function of copyleft is promoting the idea of collaboration and it can be a kind of creative common. Copyleft seems like agreement that free software license because the holder is able to make statement or rule to project the copyright. Copyleft is indirectly protecting the user of online platform through use of  copyright statement

Protecting Intellectual Property-Understanding of major issues

The protection of IP/Copyright is very important for all of user of social platforms, but there are still some of issue that online user will be faced. The main issue is more and more people post the content on social platform, but the “content created by a copyright holder who has not authorized its generation by the user.” In the other word, its publication in social platform is said to constitute a breach of the holder’s copyright. Consequently, to post the content on social platform one first had to get permission from  held of copyright.

In addition, the user of online platform is lacking the awareness of IP/copyright, therefore, the holder copyright do not know how to protect the IP and user also do not realise the action of copyright infringement.