Every time out to travel before, except for my own baggage, I will also take the intelligent mobile phone to google map and find the location. Today, I would like to introduce 4 of useful application in travel.


For a long time, whenever I was spotted using Google Maps to navigate London’s public transport network a friend would look over and prod: “Oh, don’t you use Citymapper?” Eventually, I relented.666

Google Translate

When you lost in the different language country, you just import the English and it will automate translate to the other language you want.



A cooler version of Airbnb? This short-term-rental company has a pared-down list of coveted luxury apartments and homes in close to two dozen destinations, including Rio de Janeiro, Miami, and Milan. Guests can also use the app to access a 24/7 concierge to help with restaurant reservations, theater tickets, and tour bookings.


Google Map

I’ll want to go to the restaurant on the Google map of scenic spots in the star every time before going abroad so I will allow Google map to help me directly planning the route or public transportation. If it is difficult to travel a little higher, or more professional travelers, even can use custom map function to edit Google in advance draw your travel itinerary.maps_routemap.png


Useful Application in traveling

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