Japan Travel Guide (1)

Hallo, i am going to show the whole Japan Travel Guide in the next blog. There are a lot of useful information to travel lover.

1.Preparation work

Phone card / mobile wifi

The internet is essential for traveling, Although there are many places in Japan such as Jr, airport, and hotels, they offer free WiFi, it is recommended that you get your own network in Japan, you can buy a Japanese telephone network card or rent mobile wifi.

Japanese traffic card — watermelon card suica


in addition to the subway, the bus, the convenience store, the beverage vending machine can be used, there’s no need to queue up to buy tickets before the ticket machine, just put it on the ticket machine to gently touch, you can pay the fare;

Packing list 

There are some necessary things in the traveling. To understand the traveling’s destination’s weather is important for tourism. In Tokyo, it is extremely hot in the summer from June to September, but it only needs two of thick clothing in the winter season.




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