One of most beautiful Mountain: Mount Cook

The author as the Lord of the Rings fans, I have seen this movie for many times, especially the third part of the Lord of the Rings. The Mount Cooks is the main back scenes for the Lord of the Rings, there is beautiful view and face a magnificent vista.


In the last year, I have been to Mount Cook, my booking hotel was located in a small  Village and nearby the Mount Cook National park. There are no supermarkets, but there are only a few hotels and restaurants. So I thought it is a right decision that went to Twizel town to supplement supplies is still quite right before we came to the National Park.


We stood in front of the room so that can not see the Mount Cook, but I was facing the mountain of Sefton. Due to the close distance, Mount Sefton makes me feel great and momentous. In the front of the French window can look up the Mount Sefton and a huge glacier,  it is really impressive for me.

In the Mount Cook, it is very cold in the winter, so I suggested the traveler take warm clothes to Mount Cook. And If you want to self-driving traveling to Mount Cook, the  tyre chain is necessary to keep the safe in the tourist.001nXedAzy75GGsRLMM64&690


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