Uluru- Heart of Australia

Yesterday, my friends were shown some photos that the view of Uluru in Australia. In a sense, it is one of the centres of faith among the aboriginal peoples in central Australia, which stands right in the centre of Australia in terms of direction.


Because It’s huge enough to get into the National Park, and people can be seen it in every direction. After entering the gates of the National Park and then there is Uluru sunset viewing area, which is the most recommended place to watch the sunrise and sunset, will arrive at an excellent official viewing platform.


To visit Uluru is certainly the best way to turn a circle around it, but to walk 10.6 kilometers base walk on sunny days on the trail is a kind of torture and delay time of the thing, driving along the road around the rock around, relaxed and enjoyable.


Drive go west for a while, will come to Mala car park, here is the tour of Uluru is particularly important one, if you can only choose one place to visit here. It was originally had a can arrive at Uluru peak at 2 km from the starting point of dangerous step Mala walk horse trail, but climb Ukraine Lu Lu has been the local Aboriginal great opposition.



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