Queenstown Tourist Guide (1)

With the coming of term break holiday, most of the student is going to travel during the holiday. In this two weeks term break,  the author as a blogger will introduce a good place to travel, Queenstown, which is a most famous tourist destination in New Zealand.


I was self-driving travelling to Queenstown last year from Christchurch, in the course of the journey, there is uncountable beautiful view.

Queenstown is the world’s most famous capital of exploration, skiing, bungee jumping, jet boats, skydiving and other extreme items can be experienced here,  it can be called the paradise of extreme sports.


In the Queenstown, there is not only extremely sports,  some of the activities but also is attractive for the tourist, Such as the elegant Lake Wakatipu (Lake Wakatipu), skyline cable, Walter peak farm authentic (alpaca, shepherd, shearing show), TSS Earnslaw, which are very graceful and engaging.

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Walter peak high country farm is located in the Otago District of Lake Wakatipu in the southwest, it looks like a fairytale castle with red spires, white walls, which is a natural grassland scenery and the choice of comfortable life to make the people be maximum relaxation. The tourist can enjoy the slower pace of life on the farm.


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