Managing your online identity-Integration

In order to attract more audience to spread travelling knowledge or share travelling experience and guide, my facebook and other social media platforms have been integrated with this blog. Facebook has set up a group about the travelling, and the blog was linked with Facebook. There are some reasons for this integration as follow;

  1. Draw in the new audience. The social media own a huge number of the user,  it is easy to catch more audience to my blog.
  2. Create additional brand exposure. The integration of online presence will increase the additional brand exposure. The goal of a sound brand exposure should be to increase your demand, which in turn allows you to pick and choose your opportunities, which in turn further increases your demand…the goal is not to seek every opportunity in the marketplace, but to have the right opportunities seeking you.
  3. Build your followers and online reputation
  4. Guide your audience to your site. It can be convenient to spread the travelling knowledge and experience on the different online presence.

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