Online Safety and Privacy- Privacy

As a internet user, i really concern the online privacy in the process of using the social media. For the community of “Travellerspoints”, i have make a middle level of privacy protection.  There are some way to keep the middle level of privacy as follow;

  1. There are some malware and phishing scams in the community website,  i try not to open emails that look suspicious or unusual, especially if they relate to my email, social media, financial services, or utility accounts. Delete these messages.
  2. Privacy setting; When i create the account on community, i was updated the privacy setting. A privacy setting can effectively protect the my privacy, such as  Facebook, Google, and twitter—is a good place to start protecting myself. Changing settings will make sure my personal information is seen by fewer people.
  3. Unlinking Accounts: i did never link the other account from “Travellerspoints”, because many websites now are giving the option to link accounts and linking accounts will create more risk.
  4. I  usually periodically delete blocking cookie, because blocking cookies makes websites will have a harder time tracking the last time you visited, what your username is, and whether or not you should be signed in automatically. It is easy to leak the personal information to the internet.
  5. To open Firewall is necessary to browse the website and Travel Forum, because once the hacker want to invade you network, the privacy information is easy to be exposed.

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