Online Safety and Privacy- Safety

To protect the personal safe online is first important thing for the network users. As the virtual network, it is possible that user’s data and information to be leaked. So I will discuss how do I protect myself safe online in the community.

  1. Improving the account password safe strength

Before create the account of the “Travellerspoint”, I have make a relative complex account password to improve the account safe. Nowadays,  A account without high level safety password – account safe will be vulnerable to a hacker attack. A account include some personal information such as name, address, email and so on. I do never use a password that anyone could guess or work out – a middle name, pet’s name or favourite football team.

     2. Be careful what myself post online

I really care about the personal information to appear in the blog or community, once the hacker or bad personal gain these information, that would be the equivalent of shouting the details out of the window.

3.Never open email attachments or click on links from strangers

I did Never open email attachments or click on links from strangers, Viruses are often spread via attachments on emails, so if i don’t know what an attachment is, do not open it.

4.Use a firewall, anti-virus programme and anti-spyware programme

I always keep open Windows’ own firewall, or a third-party, such as Norton or McAfee. A firewall will stop unauthorised people hacking on to my computer and network.






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