Participating in a Community- Purpose and activities

For the traveller, to join the travel community is a useful way that gains some of the travel information and experience. Due to travelling to be identified as the online presence on the blog and the other platform,  I have joined the travelling community for discussing and communicating the travelling experience.

According to the online researching, I have a decision made to join the community of   “Travellerspoint”, which is a social networking site for people who want to learn from or share experiences with other travelers. Also, it is the biggest travelling community in the world.  The purpose of participating in this community as follow:

  1. Gain new information

Community members can provide new information on a project that has yet to be considered. Participants is able to gain the new information from community, which is important for business’s decision maker.

     2.To explore some of the privacy, security and intellectual property knowledge.

In this community,  the main activities is according to discussion to gain the new information and new conclusion. Such there is a part called “Travel Forum” in the “Travellerspoint”, which is community members discuss their travel experiences in several destination and topic related forum.



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