Participating in a community- Understanding of ‘rules’

In the part of “Travel Forums”, it  specifically refer to the Forum’s rule.


There are six written rules to all of community members, which deal with some problems. For first rules,  it is efficiency protect the member’s  mental and physical security, once this kind of action happen it is able to negatively affect community harmony.

For second rules, if the posting is to promote the business or make advertisement rather than help other members, the purpose of community is changed and impact the community’s development. As a result, All of the posting will be meaningless for community members.

The mean of third and fourth rule is protecting the website’s harmony and indirectly protect the right of community.

For the fifth rule, it embody that “Travellerspoint” focus on  protection of  the personal privacy security. Once the personal information to be  leaked, it will influence the members privacy and life. So it is necessary to not allow that personal information to appear on the community forums.

To sum up, to implement these rules is very important for a community even the business and social media, it is able to protect the community and member’s  privacy, security and intellectual property. Most of important is able to benefit the development of community and social media. 



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