Protecting Intellectual Property-Analysis of means of IP protection

Merriam Webster says “intellectual property: property (as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect: an application, right, or registration relating to this”.

Social platform have presents a greater potential for brand misuse and abuse. As brand owners must be mindful of the issues and risks that social media presents, because once my brand is subjected to copyright issue will negatively impact the my right and brand image, such as the if i have ability to promote my brand through the post blog and twitter for attracting more fans, but the other people copy my blog but not get the permission from copyright holder, which will indirectly reduce my brand promotion and reliability. Therefore, to understand the basics of intellectual property (IP) to best protect myself hard-earned creations and ideas from unfair competition.

On the other hand, the function of copyleft is promoting the idea of collaboration and it can be a kind of creative common. Copyleft seems like agreement that free software license because the holder is able to make statement or rule to project the copyright. Copyleft is indirectly protecting the user of online platform through use of  copyright statement


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