China tourist guide (1) – DaLi

Dali is a most beautiful tourist attractions in China, which located in Yunnan province of  the Central West, with 2090 meters above sea level.

Dali is a country that can bring the tourist fell like in the history of ancient China, in this blog, the author will show you some of information about Dali such as how to get to Dali, Dali’s weather,Dali travel tips.wKgB6lTwOY2ASPZqAA1MzaAVrZ053.jpeg

  1. How to get to Dali?

In the Dali, there is a local airport and bus station and boat.  Nowadays, this is a tourist destination replete with every convenience in transportation and public facilities, making it accessible for visitors from home and abroad.  As the tourist can booking the flight ticket in the website such as China Southern Airline.

2. Weather

Dali has a very comfortable  weather in the any season, such as cool autumn weather, I feel comfortable, go out for picnic, for variety of outdoor activities.


(Picture Via worldweatheronline)

3. Dali Travel Tips

The customs of the ethnic minorities bring charm to daily life. Each spring, celebrations and festivals bring the city to life, which is very interesting thing for most of tourist.

Er Hai is a most beautiful viewpoint in Dali,  which is the Xierhe collapse of the formation of the plateau lakes, and it looks like ears, the air overlooking Erhai like a crescent moon, quietly lying in between Cangshan and Dali Basin.wKgB6lSoP1GAMiArAB3lLGJg43o03.jpeg


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