China tourist guide(2)- Xi An

Xi’an (Chinese西安pinyinXī’ān ) is the capital of Shanxi ProvincePeople’s Republic of China. It is a sub-provincial city located in the center of the Guanzhong Plain in Northwestern China.  Information from (WIKIPEDIA)

In this blog, i will introduce the top sights to tourism in XiAn, which help my audience make a travel plan more easily.

  1.  Xi’an City Wall

Xi’an City Wall is the most complete extant ancient city wall of a building in China, it has the history for 1400 from the Tang Dynasty.


2.    Terracotta Army

In Xi’an, the most famous attraction is the Terracotta Army. It is a collection of terracottasculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The Terracotta Army Known as “the eighth wonder of the world”, is the world’s incomparable underground, very majestic. If you want to travel in Xi’an,  It is most desirable attraction to you.wKgBpVWweVSAX168AAsniU71b5k23(Picture from MAFENGWO)

3. Shaanxi History Museum

There are as many as 37,000 pieces of cultural relics collected in this museum, which are the simple stone tools used in the initial stage of ancient human life.Museum highlights the essence of the Chinese nation, is to showcase the ancient Chinese civilization and Shaanxi history and culture of the Art Palace.  If you like to enjoy the ancient history culture of China, this place will be good choice for traveler lover.

wKgBpVUjTZKAOlpAAAq7Z2Uxxf069.jpeg(Picture from MAFENGWO)

4.Tang Paradise

Tang Paradise located in the ancient Xi’an wild goose pagoda side, which is China’s first  Tang Dynasty style of large royal garden style cultural theme park.


(Picture from MAFENGWO)


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