The largest beer festival in North America

Canada ‘October Kitchener Beer Festival’ – the greatest festival of similar activities in North America, which will attract about 50,0000 people to be participated each year, it is an intoxicating January type event.


my parents has honor to participate in the opening ceremony of the whole beer festival, to record the colorful festivals, and town residents are simple and sincere, cute and friendly.


The beer festival has a very interesting tradition, is to exchange small medal, who collected a small Medal of type and quantity of more and more popular.The town’s people is very sincere , everyone is so pure expression of friendliness and enthusiasm. In a foreign country, but it feel the warmth same as in the hometown.


Voice – over: “We are the spirit of music, is the most wonderful in the world you played the saxophone ”

“Cheers, friends! Let us enjoy a drink, laughing”


The blogger really want to come to here in the future.



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